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Wednesday, September 16th 2015 | Mitsubishi

As rumors mentioned, it doesn’t take a long time for Mitsubishi to prepare the new edition 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander. This car is long anticipated by fans especially for the plug-in hybrid variant that is getting more popular day goes by. It is mentioned that the company might release it in the beginning of spring, 2016. It will be billed as the 2017 model and it will be an eco-friendly SUV. This rumor should be true since we have been waiting about six years to know 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander
2017 Mitsubishi Outlander


Based on the concept, the outlander PHEV was released in 2009 as its first carrier and the design was redesigned to give much better look. It is built with the front fascia that is a bit similar to the concept and the back side has some subtle cues that are borrowed from the off-road Pajero Sport. The tail lamp design is the most significant change to offer. Another visible change around 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander could be the handlebar-shaped chrome trim to complete the windshield which is connected to the clear taillights for a better visual identity in this new SUV.


It is reported by some reliable sources that the company will add the inverters and rear electric motor system to give a slight downside around the row seats. The sizeable cabin is carried over with the ample space for both head and leg room for all seats. Surely the car is not too bad in the term of its design. 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander will get some parts in the current cabin since it is still adorable.


The engine for 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is comprised of four-cylinder and 2.0 liter of capacity with two all-electric motors. The first motor is capable to send the power through front wheels while the second goes for the rear wheels. The European estimated that by using all-electric motor it might have about 2.5 miles of driving range and the total for petrol with the electric range is about 500 miles. The charge-restoring mode will help the car to completely charge the battery while driving.

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander Release Date and Price

2017 Mitsubishi Outlander finally will be announced in spring of 2016 as its release date and it will be 2017 model. The price tag for this eco-friendly SUV might go about $25,000 to $30,000. Well, we better wait for further details.

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