2017 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

Monday, January 18th 2016 | Toyota

Toyota is one of an eminent car manufacturer that productively projects some future models. The 2017 Toyota Celica as it will be a descent of Toyota 86 model is now becoming the pop issue in automotive world. It is true, though, that there is not yet an official publication of this new model but lately the rumors have been spread out and worth-noticing, particularly for big fans of the Celica. Here are some details about 2017 Toyota Celica.

2017 Toyota Celica
2017 Toyota Celica Changes  

For the new look of the 2017 Celica version, the renewed design will be operated either to the exterior or the interior. For its exterior, a new bumper with foglights integration will be put in its front part of the car. Further, HID reflector-beam headlights, packed with standard LED daytime running lights and automatic high beam will be featured to this car’s surrounds. The new hood design will bring the better improvement on its engine breathing system as it comes with the added air intake. LED taillights and large spoiler will be attached on the rear. In its whole pack, the 2017 Celica will be considered as being lighter due to the use of lightweight materials. This leads to the expectancy that this car will give a better performance, fuel efficiency and smoother handling. For the interior, likewise the former, the upgrades and changes are also advanced. Soft and leather use materials applied to the seats and interior will give a comfortable experience and fabulous look to the car. Inside the cabin, it will have some aluminum and chrome details. In addition, to add the sensation of full comfort for the users, this Celica will use heated and power sport seats. Last but not least, the car also carries the feeling of high tech system as it equips the car with the technological improvements by featuring high class infotainment system, together with high tech display screen, Bluetooth connectivity and six speakers for its audio system.

2017 Toyota Celica Engine

The 2017 Toyota Celica is predicted to possess a high tech 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that can produce up to 235 horsepower to 258 horsepower output. As it is rumored, this engine will be supplemented with 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic CVT transmission with paddle shifters on steering wheel. This transmission automatically will be a plus point in favor to reach a further distance like 30 mpg on highway. To enhance the performance and decrease the excessive fuel consumption, this new Celica is supported to have Hybrid version.

2017 Toyota Celica Price and Release Date

None cannot for certain announce the definite price and release date of the 2017 Toyota Celica. According to rumor, this car will be publicly released at the end of 2017 or in the early 2018. However, some information has indicated that in last quarter of 2015 or in the first half of 2016, its premiere will be predictably shown in one of the Asian car shows. The car’s price is appraised at around $20,000. With all offered comfort and efficiency, this car is somehow worth-waiting.

2017 Toyota Celica Gallery

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