2017 VW Passat

Friday, August 21st 2015 | Volkswagen

Volkswagen does not want to lose their chance in the future market especially in 2017. It seems that they are planning to produce 2017 VW Passat with some new elements to attract buyers. It is mentioned by large sources of report that the design would be amazing to amaze buyers at the very first sight.

New 2017 VW Passat is still under the development and some rumors are available for its improvements and changes. Reports mentioned that there will be more changes for its cosmetic part. It is worth to wait its release.

New 2017 VW Passat
2017 VW Passat Redesign


Many sites reviewed this car and there are some pictures available which are assumed to be the upcoming VW Passat 2017. Again, what we could do is relying on the pictures although we do not know whether it is true or fake photos. Based on the pictures, the car might be built with the more elegant design. It is completed with simple and luxurious details and the bodyline is still recognizable as the previous model. Some more modern details are added to make it more beautiful. Even you can find out the unique grille at the front part while the tire will be redesigned with the size around 17 inches. The optional tire is 18 or 19 inches.


If all pictures are true, it means that the cabin design will be more comfortable and very classy. The arrangement is very simple and it has high-quality upholstery material to provide ultimate comfort. The good thing is the cockpit with the clean and classy look. Its main theme is the white color. In the center of the cockpit, the car is more functional because the instrument panel has some buttons to assist driver. You can enjoy some great features such as entertainment system, GPS and more in 2017 VW Passat.

2017 VW Passat Powertrain

At this current time, people have big question for the engine type under its hood. Volkswagen does not share anything up to now but some rumors revealed about the possible candidate to use. Rumors mentioned that there will be five engine options to offer. Among those engines, four-cylinder engine is possible to offer. However, its details are still unknown. Therefore, we have no option left instead of waiting the next details that rumors could reveal for 2017 VW Passat.

2017 VW Passat Release Date and Price

For those who have big anticipation related to its arrival, there is no available data yet for its release. Rumors mentioned that the cost tag for this 2017 VW Passat could be about 28,500 pound sterling.

2017 VW Passat Gallery

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