2018 4runner Redesign

Wednesday, April 20th 2016 | Toyota

Toyota will launch 2018 4runner as the new modern SUV. This SUV car is made to fulfill the demand from people who want to have a car which can be used not only for daily activities but also for their hobbies too such as the outdoor activity like off road. So, Toyota, as the company, will make this car as people wish by having strong and masculine SUV car.

New 2018 4runner Redesign
2018 4runner Exterior and Interior

Not only the engine but also the exterior of 2018 4runner will also amaze the driver or the buyers. This car will have a big, tall, and muscular body. The boxy shape will identify this car as an SUV car. Moreover, it will also make the appearance of this former and strong. To the front of the car, there is headlamp which is designed with a stylish look. The wheels use in this car can be chosen from the 17-inch wheels as the standard wheels and the 20-inch wheels as the other options. To give the off-road sensation, the company provides the power window that is designed for having the sense of modernity and technology. Going to the interior of this car, the company gives this car the power moonroof that can be used to see the sky from the car. However, the company has not revealed the interior design yet. But, there is for sure that this car will have a spacious cabin and luxurious comfort in the seats.

2018 4runner Engine Performance

The high engine is the plus point that the car should have. The engine of this car is predicted will be the best engine that can fulfill the demand of the consumer of SUV car which can be used in off-road activity too. What the engine own this car is the 4.0-liter with the V6 engine that can deliver power to 270 horsepower. As mentioned before, this engine is able to bring this car to do off road activity. The engine is also equipped with the four-speed transmissions and Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System that will protect the engine when passing bad terrace. Moreover, this system will make this 2018 4runner still feel comfort when it is used in long traveling.

2018 4runner Release Date and Price

The company gives price for this car started from $44.000. However, the release date of this 2018 4runner is not announced yet by Toyota as the car maker.

2018 4runner Gallery

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