2018 Audi A9 Rendered

Thursday, September 10th 2015 | Audi

2018 Audi A9 will jeopardize the presence of expensive and luxurious car. It will be the most exclusive car from Audi for the first time. Reports mentioned that the car will be released as a luxury sedan car. It is claimed to be the no. 1 on its class. Audi has serious investment to make this plan comes true by adding more advanced technology in 2018 Audi A9.

Audi A9 Concept
2018 Audi A9 Design and Rumors

Well, it is not something surprising if the company also has big commitment to show their masterpiece for both inside and outside of 2018 Audi A9. It is better to prepare yourself because the car will be equipped with original leather seats and wooden insertions for the highest quality of materials they ever have presented. Recent reports stated that the technology is upgraded with the more advanced level than before. Several new features are rumored to be available. Its exterior and interior is promised to go with amazing design too.

You should keep an eye for 2018 Audi A9 because the car has amazing powertrain. Its speed will be very fast with the strong output to offer to complete its luxury design. In 2015 model, the company has released the basic model and they do the progress to release this car as the high trim.

Engine Performance

At this current time, we found that Audi has much development to make it comes to be true. They have more new things to be invented in this car for its update. The engine technologies will be improved by using TFSI and 3.0 liter to pump the amount of output about 300 horsepower for the base version of 2018 Audi A9. The alternative is V8 engine that works best for you if you expect about 500 horsepower and it is for the top trim. It is quite promising to see hybrid car with the combination of gasoline and electric motor. The car might be built on MSB platform.

2018 Audi A9 Price

2018 is truly still far away from now on but surely seeing all the details at this current time regarding to this car and learning from all possible improvements, it is something logical if its price tag would be very high. Although it is too early to predict about the price tag, we think that it would be ready for sale with the starting price that seems around €140,000 or €100,000 for 2018 Audi A9.

2018 Audi A9 Gallery

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