2018 BMW Z5

Tuesday, March 1st 2016 | BMW

2018 BMW Z5 is going to be launched to replace the previous model which is the Z4 model. This car is issued to be collaborated with one of the Japanese car makers which is Toyota. The company will have any collaboration in the platform used in this car that is also used in one of the Toyota’s car that has reached its success. Even though some information is not shared yet for now, but there are some rumours talking about exterior and engine performance of this car. This coupe sedan car is believed will be able to hit the market of sedan car because besides having the good design in the exterior, this car will also have high quality of engine performance. The great engine of M3 and M4 type will also be available in this car. By having those gorgeous engines, this car will absolutely satisfy people who are interested in this luxurious sedan car.

2018 BMW Z5 Spy Shots Side Angle
2018 BMW Z5 Exterior and Interior Design

This coupe car concept will be collaborated with the Toyota sport coupe. The design will be the high class model that will include the fixed point and front firewall. The front-mid-engine bias will be more radical. The design concerns more on the weight of the car. The weight of this car should be lighter than the previous model which is the Z4. Then, inside of new BMW Z5 2018 is still unknown until now. Some reviewers also only discuss about the exterior of this car. For the interior of this car, we should wait until the company releases the information soon.

2018 BMW Z5 Engine Performance

The under hood BMW Z5 will be the turbocharged four=cylinder engine with the 2,0-liter engine capacity that can deliver power in three option which are in 190 horsepower, 245 horsepower, and also 270 horsepower. Moreover, it also will be equipped with the 425 horsepower turbo six from the new 2015 M3 and M4. Then, this engine will be completed with the eight-speed automatic o six-speed manual transmission as the transmission system and also the electric clutch system.

2018 BMW Z5 Release Date and Price

This car is going to be released in some time in 2017 or even 2018 as the 2018 year model. The price of this car is not shared yet. People should wait until the company releases the official information of this 2018 BMW Z5.

2018 BMW Z5 Gallery

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