2018 Honda CR-Z Concept, Release Date

Monday, January 25th 2016 | Honda

Are you wondering what a newly-emerged innovative car from Honda is? You should be keeping an eye on this 2018 Honda CR-Z. It is the forthcoming coupe that becomes a Honda’s bellwether for its hybrid model. 2018 CR-Z is envisaged to come with more powerful engine and more stylish look than its predecessors. The platform of new CR-Z is much inspired by Civic Type R and NSX since there are some similarities in its stylistic characteristics. The manufacturer does a serious job to bring this sports car into the tough challenge with other top companies in automobile market. Let us see this Honda CR-Z in more depth explanation.

2018 Honda CR-Z
2018 Honda CR-Z Changes

The explicit picture of changes and upgrades still cannot be shown in detail. There are only rumors and predictions. So far noticing, the car will be expected to have new features with high-grade comfort elements that cannot be found in its former, like ergonomic seats leather-covered, center console which is oriented to the auto vehicle driver and other stunning equipment. The upgrades also come to the touchscreen, instrument panel, guiding wheel features, satellite navigation, rear-parking sensors, USB and Bluetooth connectivity for cellular phone combination. You will feel much entertained as the best audio system will be installed to this car. For this outside look, the 2018 Honda CR-Z is expected to support any features for this body platform. Aluminum wheels, angular body lines, appealing rear wings and side panel folds along with better roof lines will make this car look absolutely wicked. As taking the perfect mix of Civic Type R in addition to NSX as the basic model, 2018 Honda CR-Z will look stunningly impressive.

2018 Honda CR-Z Performance

New Honda CR-Z will be equipped with 2.0 L Turbocharged VTEC engine with 4 cylindrical tubes that can generate the power outcome as 280 horsepower. The hybrid version of the 2018 Honda CR-Z will have 1.5 liter I-DCD electric motor as this can produce 200 horsepower. The transmission for this car will be an improved 8-speed automatic gearbox. The enhancement in braking system and better suspension will offer more balanced control. Compared to its predecessors, this CR-Z is claimed to have more efficient fuel system.

2018 Honda CR-Z Price and Release Date

The appraised price for 2018 Honda CR-Z goes between $26,000 to $35,000. But to be noticed, there is still not yet an official pricing publication. The date for its first launch is still not more than only speculation. Rumors state that it is very possible that this new version of Honda CR-Z will be premiered at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. This is worth to wait anyhow.

2018 Honda CR-Z Gallery

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