2018 Jaguar XE-E Price, Release Date, Review

Wednesday, February 24th 2016 | Jaguar

2018 Jaguar XE-E will be the newest car that Jaguar will launch as soon as possible. The company plans to launch the miniseries in Europe market. It is to attract people to know more about this car. The miniseries of this car is the XE series that recently has been found in some country in United Kingdom and other European countries. However, for now there is still a few information about the this cr but only some predictions available.

New Jaguar XE-E
2018 Jaguar XE-E Exterior and Interior

The exterior and interior of this car surely will have some improvements from the company. But, unfortunately, for now the company has not spoken about those improvements yet. But, fortunately, there are some predictions that talk about it. The platform used in this car will remain the same as the previous model. The body will have aerodynamics body line. The wheel size will be smaller with the low rolling resistance tires. In the back of this car there is a clean looking bumper which is one of the changes in it. Inside of this car which is the interior of this car will be about the changes in the cabin. The cabin will remain the same as the car with petrol engine model but in this car is added with the entertainment and navigation features. Moreover, there will be the instrument that will ease the driver to handle the diesel and two electric motors installed in this 2018 Jaguar XE-E.

2018 Jaguar XE-E Performance

The under hood used in this 2018 Jaguar XE-E will be the 2,0-liter diesel engine. The power that can be generated from this engine is 275horsepowe and more than 450 lb-ft of torque. The power of the engine will be used for the rear wheels only. This engine has the efficient in fuel consumption which make this car has one plus point in fuel consumption. Moreover, this car will also be equipped with the 35kM electric motor.

2018 Jaguar XE-E Release Date and Price

The release date of this car depends on the country which this car is launched. In US market, this car will be available during 2017. Other country may vary for the release date. And, the price of this car will start around $64,000 or more than that. The best competitors for this 2018 Jaguar XE-E are the BMW Active Hybrid 3 and Mercedes C350 plug-in hybrid.

2018 Jaguar XE-E Gallery

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