2018 Mazdaspeed 3 Specs, Release Date, Rumors

Sunday, February 14th 2016 | Mazda

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 is predicted to be one of the car by Mazda that will hit the market. The company has made some improvements that are predicted to be the main points that people and especially who are interested in Mazda’s car will amaze. The improvements can be found in the engine used, the exterior appearance, and also the design inside of this car even though the detail information of inside of this car is still unknown yet. But, we can expect that it will satisfy the buyers of this car.

New Mazdaspeed 3
2018 Mazdaspeed 3 Exterior and Interior

Exterior of this car will be decorated with the stylish and elegant design. The headlamps design will be new along with the front and back bumper that are reinforced with new frontal fascia in order to make them look to be sight to behold. There will be some option in the color that is provided by the company so people can choose the color of the car as they want. For the interior of this car, there is only plenty information gathered. It is about the cabin that will be designed with the seats that are covered with new material. Some red accent will also added in this car to make inside the car look more reddish. So, we have to wait until the company release or reveal the detail information about 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 especially in the interior design.

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 Specs

The engine that will be used in this 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 is predicted will be the 4 cylinder engine along with turbocharged engine. This engine, then, is completed with the 2,5-liter engine capacity that can generate power up to 300 horsepower. The transmission system used in this car is the new manual 6 speed transmission system. This transmission system has made the car to be more comfort in driving which, then, makes this car to be a better car.

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 Release Date and Price

Along with the information about the interior design of this car, the release date of this car are also not announced yet too. But, the company has released the official information about the price of this car. The price of this 2018 Mazdaspeed 3 will start from $42,000 for the basic system. It can be said that the price will be vary according to the specification chosen by the buyers.

2018 Mazdaspeed 3 Gallery

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