2018 Mustang Bullitt

Saturday, April 16th 2016 | Ford

Ford Company is just a step closer to launch its all new Bullitt model to the auto world. The name Bullitt is designated after Steve McQueen Dark Green Mustang in the 1968 Bullitt movie. The next 2018 Mustang Bullitt will be the renewed version of the 60’s car model and enhanced to have a powerful performance with the upgraded suspension and powertrain. Despite we still have no idea when the Bullitt will be released to public but definitely we do wonder to the changes and updates offered in the future.

2018 Ford Mustang Bullitt
2018 Mustang Bullitt New Design

The detailed information about the car new appearance still remains scarce. If we pass back to the Mustang long tradition, the forthcoming Bullitt will have a retro design just similar to its predecessors. Further, not only designed as retro, the 2018 Mustang Bullitt will be available with modern exterior. In its front part of the body, the auto designer has retained the dashboard and sequential taillights as possessing the classy characteristics of the typically 60’s car model. The whole car body is streamlined to have a slim and firm design. With this edgy styling, the Bullitt vehicle is agile and ready to go full speed on the streets.

2018 Mustang Bullitt Specs

Under the hood, the Ford automaker will improve the car powertrain and upgrade its suspension. To power the Bullitt, the engine version of 5.0 liter capacity V8 will be ready to advance. This engine could deliver the output at around 444 horsepower. The best paired transmission to boost the 2018 Mustang Bullitt performance will be a 10-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, the engineer also does the improvement on the suspension to a 10 speed manual and the Boss 302 suitable for the street race car.

2018 Mustang Bullitt Release Date and Price

Along with the upgrades and refreshments offered, the new 2018 Mustang Bullitt will transform to be one favorite in the future. Neither official nor speculations of the car release schedule and price list is available. But we might be bit excited that the company will release the car price sooner in the public. Be patient to wait.

2018 Mustang Bullitt Gallery

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