All New 2017 Mercedes CLS Class Rendering

Thursday, July 16th 2015 | Mercedes-Benz

The new generation of 2017 Mercedes CLS has been spied by some reports to bring new camouflage in order to become the new competitive car in the next automotive industry later on. German manufacturer will probably bring new things to improve the car for being better after getting tested. A lot of car enthusiasts have known well that the name of CLS is the one of the best products categorized as premium medium sedan version. This new car will be redesigned in order to beat its new rivals in the next period, there are several improvements that will be brought by the manufacturer to modify the car.

2017 Mercedes CLS Class Rendering
2017 Mercedes CLS Design

2017 Mercedes CLS will be tested after getting new official materials and design. There are several information about the changes which will be presented in this case, this exterior will be redesigned to make the car look more elegant. This car will get new redesigned parts on the front, the manufacturer will include new bumper, restyled grille, lights even others to present new look outside the car. Inside, 2017 Mercedes CLS will not get more changes to make the interior look more different because there is no official change given inside a cabin. However, this car is predicted to come with better design to attract many car enthusiasts. To make the interior look better, the manufacturer should bring the best equipments of feature such as technology and safety features to offer new convenience in driving 2017 Mercedes CLS.

2017 Mercedes CLS Engine

In this case, the leaked information about engine side of 2017 Mercedes CLS is still unconfirmed, but the manufacturer has been reported officially to bring new engine system to make the car run faster even more powerful. Speaking about the new engine option, 2017 Mercedes CLS is going to come with the latest V6 engine which comes for a base trim. For the top trim level, this car will offer a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 engine which is capable to pump up the power very well. The complete mechanical specification of this engine is expected to announce very soon.

2017 Mercedes CLS Release Date

The official information of upcoming presentation is still not unknown until this moment, the people have predicted the first premiere of the car on the market sometime next year. Besides, it is also difficult to get known about the new estimated price of 2017 Mercedes CLS.

2017 Mercedes CLS Class Gallery

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