Audi SQ5 2016 Changes, Price and Release Date

Tuesday, April 14th 2015 | Audi

In the next period of year, the one new product of Audi will be available, the new Audi SQ5 2016 will be redesigned followed with many changes, features and other specs. This car is the newest generation which is going to be offered in the next market later on. The company is rumored to bring the V6 turbo engine to make the new car produce maximum performance.

New Audi SQ5
Audi SQ5 2016 Redesign

The new Audi SQ5 2016 is expected to have major changes even though there are no more official materials revealed. Rumorly, the manufacturer is going to include the body platform form the new Audi, this platform is called as MLB-Evo architecture. It will make the bodyweight of the car available lighter than the previous versions. In other result, this car will be more modern and dynamic around the bodywork. The manufacturer is rumored to modify the bodywork using several materials consisted of redesigned grille, headlights, rear lamps and others. For interior style, the Audi SQ5 2016 is going to be available with more spacious around cabin and give more driving experience for the passengers caused of the presence of body platform. Other than that, the manufacturer will also make overall design of interior come with more modern even stylish. And for the following specs, it is possible that the new features will be offered later to give the best driving experience inside the Audi SQ5 2016.

Audi SQ5 2016 Specs

At this time, the car enthusiasts will not get more information about the new engine system. Audi SQ5 2016 is still unknown about the new engine to use, this car is expected to have powerful power compared with its predecessors. For giving the powerful performance, this car will be incorporated with a wonderful engine system to make it happen. Rumorly, Audi SQ5 2016 is going to be mated with V6 turbo engine and a 3.0 litre to make the power deliver maximum performance at least 343 hp. Regarding the fully specs, you should wait for a while to get the final specs of the new engine version.

Audi SQ5 2016 Release Date and Price

This new car has been indicated to come out on marketplace sometime in the middle of 2016. The company insiders still kept a secret about the final price. Rumorly, the buyers should have more than $40,000 to get the new Audi SQ5 2016.

Audi SQ5 2016 Gallery

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