Citroen C5 2015 Price and Review

Wednesday, February 11th 2015 | Citroen

The next-gen of Citroen C5 2015 is the huge saloon vehicle which can be possible to beat its new rivals consisted of VW Passat, Vauxhall Insignia and also Honda Mondeo. There will be the latest concept design offered by the official company.

Citroen C5 2015 Price
Citroen C5
New Concept Design

The next Citroen C5 2015 is going to be available as soon as possible with the new concept appearance to make the design appear better if it is compared with the current models in the previous days. In fact, the last Citroen C5 brought the latest bumper, taillights, grill and also the new materials. But now, this production can come with the dual chevron logo placed on the grill area, curved front-end system. It will be possible that the car capable to give the best appearance in the future. Inside, Citroen C5 2015 will be set to be available with two control button like “Double Chevron” and also “SOS”. These functions as the supporting calls and also emergency phone calls. This four-door design with traditional model will be more unique when appearing in the market then. For the best feature, the cottage C5 is the one example which can be offered later on. For further specification, the big possibility comes that the company will bring the latest equipments and materials to renew the new model of Citroen C5 2015.

Citroen C5 Engine and Performance

For offering the best performance and awful speed, Citroen C5 2015 will be powered by turbo compresseur diesel energy with 1.6 litre. Besides that, this car will have turbo compresseur diesel energy and 2.0 litre followed with 120kV/340Nm of torque. For the last option, there will be a dual turbo compresseur diesel energy three litre produced around 177kV/450Nm of torque. And this car will sprint per 100 km followed with each 6.8 litre, 7,4 litre and 7,7 litre by using the 6-speed automatic transmission. For the next official news related the engine system, you will see sooner the fully specification of Citroen C5 2015.

Citroen C5 2015 Release Date

For the first debut at the public, this car is going to be ready offered in the United States market. Then, this car will probably go on the sale in the global market in a very early of 2015. For official status of release date and price, maybe the company can inform later the new Citroen C5 2015.

2015 Citroen C5 Gallery

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