Citroen C5 2016 Release Date

Tuesday, January 13th 2015 | Citroen

Citroen C5 2016 is the new car which is able to bring a premium car with luxury design. It is being a consideration that this car will probably be premium style which can be enjoyed by some people in the world. This car will be programmed by the company to appear in the market sooner. In other specifications, this car will have several modifications and performances.

New 2016 Citroen C5
New Design in Citroen C5 2016

Citroen C5 2016 is the next generation which will offer several changes inside and outside the body. around the exterior design, this car will have some modifications produced by the company. To give the new refreshment, the manufacturer will include the new technology of LED headlights to complete the front body. See also the dimension of this exterior, the manufacturer will probably compare the same design with the last models as before. So, Citroen C5 2016 will be capable becoming the new design around exterior in the future. Inside the car, the manufacturer will make the car come with stylish design by modifying the interior appearance. Then, this car will include the latest steering wheel and also modify the dashboard unit followed with sophisticated LED head model. Hopefully, there will be the new features offered later by the manufacturer inside Citroen C5 2016.

Citroen C5 2016 Will Have Two Variant Engines Later

In the next time, Citroen C5 2016 will be set by the manufacturer in order to come with two engine options. Speaking about the following variants, the first engine will be petrol engine which can deliver the output at least 120 HP as the base power and around 200 HP for the maximum output. And the second option will be diesel engine followed with Hi engine 1.5 litre produced 115 HP and also BlueHDi engine 2.0 litre cranked out 150 HP. In other rumor, the manufacturer is not going to be impossible to offer the new diesel engine with 180 HP to complete the performance of Citroen C5 2016.

Citroen C5 2016 Release Date and Price

It is to hard to get more announcement about the specific release date status because the company did not have yet the final agreement. Besides that, the rumor has said that the car can bee seen sooner in Europe, especially offered in the China market and going on sale in 2016. But, just wait for a while to get the final information about the release date of this car. In other rumor, the company will be possible to give the range around 24.000 Euros for Citroen C5 2016.

Citroen C5 2016 Gallery

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