Mitsubishi ASX 2016 Model Changes and Release Date

Saturday, February 21st 2015 | Mitsubishi

The company insiders will revamp the new version of Mitsubishi ASX 2016 which can be offered in the Geneva International Motor Show in 2015. But this car cannot give more the fully specs yet until now.

New Mitsubishi ASX 2016
Mitsubishi ASX Appearance

New Mitsubishi ASX 2016 is not going to offer many changes at the external and internal designs because the official company still does not have the fully equipments yet. Rumorly, the new combination between bold and also dynamic design are going to be featured in this version. Not only that, many people have expected to see the best design of this car before coming up in the next global market. That’s why, the manufacturer should consider more about it. Maybe next time, Mitsubishi ASX 2016 can come with the new features and materials to make the design appear different than the previous models. According the several reports, the manufacturer should make this car available with the one of the most attractive compact SUV version in the next industry in order to attract many buyers to get the Mitsubishi ASX 2016.

Mitsubishi ASX Engine

Before getting the first debut on marketplace, Mitsubishi ASX 2016 should come with the optional engine to make the performance well. Reportedly, the manufacturer has the new concept to install the turbocharged and direct injection engine 3-cylinder paired with a 1.1 litre and electric motor of 120kW. For the connection, the FWD system will be mated with this engine system. In other report, Mitsubishi ASX 2016 will probably develop two electric motors taken from the last version of Outlander PHEV. In company’s plan, the scaled-down gasoline engine and one electric powered generator will be combined to have the best performance. Asking more about the complete specs, you are able to wait until the company insiders offer the official engine side to bring.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 Release Date

Rumorly, this car will be available in March at the 2105 Geneva Internation Motor Show. For the car enthusiasts who want to get more news about the price tag of this version, they can look for the other trusted sources to know the latest announcement about Mitsubishi ASX 2016.

2016 Mitsubishi ASX Gallery

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