New 2016 Acura TLX

Thursday, October 23rd 2014 | Acura

2016 Acura TLX has been known by the car enthusiasts in their car societies as the next generation from the old-fashioned TLX. The manufacturer is going to have some changes at the designs of exterior bodywork and a cabin, the company has known well what the car enthusiasts need in their communities, it is the new appearance of the latest car. That’s why, the manufacturer will make it come with the new style to show off the people in the following days.

2016 Acura TLX Spy Shots

2016 Acura TLX New Design

2016 Acura TLX is going to get more modifications around the interior and exterior designs. Talking about the interior inside a cabin, the manufacturer will redesign the legroom and headroom appearances by increasing the new permanent seats design which can carry up at least five passengers inside the cabin and also widening the luggage. In other side, the best internal unit has been required by the manufacturer as well by completing some features such as the latest furniture, GPS system, wireless and other infotainment units. 2016 Acura TLX also comes with a four-door design in order to make the car enthusiasts glad very much, meanwhile the manufacturer renewed the body based on the pioneer as before to have the same design. Some changes like the latest screen sills, taillights and the lights on the front side are included by the company at the exterior of 2016 Acura TLX.

2016 Acura TLX Engine

Speaking about the power of this car, the manufacturer did not reveal the details of engine model to complete this vehicle, 2016 Acura TLX is probably going to have the good automotive performance to generate the best power. The manufacturer has provided the option of multiple motor which is able to pump about 370 hp. Other than it, the seven-speed transmission has chosen by the manufacturer to complete this engine option. So, this unit will produce the effective result.

2016 Acura TLX Release Date and Price

In this opportunity, the people does not get what they want, it is the release date of the car, because the company does not announce yet related the car presentation for the future. But, 2016 Acura TLX has been expected by the people to be available in the last of 2015. About the estimation of this price, the company has decided the car price around $43.000. So, the customers and car enthusiasts are able to get a lot of money to buy this car while waiting for the arrival of this car in the following days.

2016 Acura TLX Gallery

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