New 2016 BMW Z4 Rendering

Thursday, October 23rd 2014 | BMW

2016 BMW Z4 as the new model of BMW X5 L is going to come in the next time by having a lot of performances. Based on the rumor, the manufacturer is possible to renew and modify this car in order to give more dynamic at the shape of the body design. In other side, this car will also give a change by completing the lighting unit in order to give more looks outside the body.

2016 BMW Z4

New 2016 BMW Z4 Design

2016 Z4 is going to come in the following days by having some changes at the body designs in order to make the people and car enthusiasts glad to see the next model. The manufacturer has supplied a lot of materials to renew this vehicle, because some people has hoped more about the next car that the manufacturer should make it appear at the public to be more luxurious style than the last models. New BMW Z4 2016 will have the new appearances by featuring the movement chassis, the new throat combined with double tail unit, the latest cues design, LED taillights, etc. Besides that, the manufacturer also renewed the parts of roofline by pairing the lightweight package. In the interior designs, some features such as CD player unit, Air Conditioner, safety system of ABS Brake and the start button are going to be included by the manufacturer inside a cabin of 2016 BMW Z4.

New 2016 BMW Z4 Engine

For the engine model inside this vehicle, the manufacturer has required the best model in order to make the car run well. 2016 BMW Z4 is going to produce a good power by pairing the 3.0 litre combined with engine six-cylinder. As a result, this car is able to work well because the engine has a power delivered more than 300 hp. Besides that, the manufacturer has considered about the latest platform inside the car in order to make the engine produce the best consumption of fuel economy.

New 2016 BMW Z4 Release Date and Price

In this case, a lot of car enthusiasts in the world are impossible to know and get more information concerning the presentation of the car in the following years, because the company does not make a valid decision about the publishing car for offering the customers and the people at the closed market even the motors show. Perhaps, 2016 BMW Z4 is going to be available in the public after the company and some staffs make a deal to present this car in the future.

New 2016 BMW Z4 Gallery

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