New 2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

Wednesday, February 25th 2015 | Ford

2016 Ford Thunderbird is the new model which is possible to offer something different than its last models. This new version will have the new appearance and engine side.

2016 Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird Concept Redesign

The next 2016 Thunderbird will have several improvements at the exterior bodywork even also in the interior inside a cabin, the company has indicated the new plan to make the car come with more differences than the last versions. It means that the company will bring the distinctive design by redesigning several components of its body. New 2016 Ford Thunderbird will come with the new refinement of balance by including the extended wheelbase. So, this car will be easy to provide a proportion followed with a front overhang unit. Besides that, the company logo will be fixated around its bodywork. For the interior appearance, the manufacturer will also revamp the car in order to feature the distinctive appearance and luxurious design by requiring several equipments. This car will be available with spacious space for its head and also leg-room, and the modern materials made of aluminum even also lightweight materials will be include for 2016 Ford Thunderbird.

Ford Thunderbird Engine Option

In this opportunity, the company is going to inform the new specs beneath the hood of the car. In company’s decision, 2016 Ford Thunderbird will be possible to come with the new optional engine for giving the best performance. Reportedly, the new engine version of AJ-26 V6 paired with a 4.0 litre can be offered in order to make the car deliver more than 252 hp (188 kW) and also 267 pound-feet (362 Nm) of torque. So, the company has decided the best solution for its performance. For the acceleration system, the Ford’s 5R55N with a five-speed automatic gearbox will be combined with the 2016 Ford Thunderbird.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

The rumor has said that the car will probably be presented at the market by the second half of 2015. If it is possible, it will make the car enthusiasts not to wait too long time seeing the new presentation. About the price news, the company is rumored to offer the range between $30,000 and $50,000 for 2016 Ford Thunderbird.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Gallery

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