New 2016 Scion FRS to get turbocharger

Sunday, October 26th 2014 | Scion

As the sedan model 2016 Scion FRS come with the new appearance at the body design in order to offer a lot of car enthusiasts in the following years. As we know that the rumor has reported this new model to be available approximately 2016. According to the report, the manufacturer has chosen the place for producing this car in Gumma, Japan. If we want to know more about the specifications of this car, we should read the following explanation below carefully.

2016 Scion FRS

2016 Scion FRS Design

2016 Scion FRS is going to be possible offering the new beefier body. But, a lot of people have heard the rumor that the manufacturer will make this model have a shame model with the last productions in the years before at the Geneva Show in 2013. Furthermore, 2016 Scion FRS will offer to the people about the new appearances such as the four-door model, the section of rear roof design even many more. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has considered the power-operated soft top in order to make this car increase the change at least 60 pounds. In the other specifications, we have known the size of the door model, because the manufacturer has widen approximately 70 inches, heighten around 55 inches and lengthen at least 187 inches for the door model of 2016 Scion FRS.

2016 Scion FRS Turbo2016 Scion FRS Engine

Talking about the new performance which is going to be produced by the engine system inside the car, 2016 Scion FRS will try to speculate using the turbo engine which is able to be connected with the eight-speed automatic gearbox and also a 2.0 litre. As a result, we can know that the engine is going to produce more than 300 horsepower. In addition, 2016 Scion FRS will also consider to install the hybrid system followed by the FWD system even the electric motors of in-wheel unit.

2016 Scion FRS Release Date and Price

A lot of customers and the people are able to expect the presentation of this car in the future, but there is no longer information to use as a consideration before buying. Because, the company did not reveal yet the valid announcement regarding the publishing date. The rumor said that the new car can be seen in 2015. Besides that, we are able to estimate our money to buy this car, because the company has determined the cost tag at least 25,000 Dollars to offer some buyers who want to get the 2016 Scion FRS.

2016 Scion FRS Gallery

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