New 2016 Tesla Model 3 on Sale in 2017

Sunday, March 22nd 2015 | Tesla

Next year will be the one of producing the latest cars. The next 2016 Tesla Model 3 will be return by giving several possibilities of changes. The manufacturer has thought more about this new version before getting its first debut in market. Many reports informed that the car will not be released in the present year, the official company will make the car come smaller compared with the version of model S. And this new version will probably be offered around 2016.

2016 Tesla Model 3
2016 Tesla Model 3 Rendering

The 2016 Tesla Model 3 is the new version which will be available on marketplace sometime by the year of 2016. And in 2017 year, this car is going to go on sale. The manufacturer has considered more about the new plan to premiere this version. Speaking about the new appearance, several rumors said that the car will be possible to come smaller around 20% than the version of model S. If it is true, this car will be the best version to offer. About the platform unit, 2016 Tesla Model 3 is going to develop the all-new platform in order to be easy underpinning the versions of model X and model S. Still about the appearance, concerning the new materials and high-tech features, the manufacturer still keeps silent to choose the best equipments for redesigning this model. Maybe when this car comes in the market, the car enthusiasts will probably see the fully equipments at the whole appearances of 2016 Tesla Model 3.

2016 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Speaking about the new performance, 2016 Tesla Model 3 is still unknown yet to use the one of engine sides. In other side, this car is rumored to have a range at least 200 miles when performing on the road. And it is not impossible for the company in the following year to increase the range of miles for the new version of 2016 Tesla Model 3.

2016 Tesla Model 3 Release Date

The company insiders are going to unveil this car towards in 2016. And this car will go on sale at the marketplace sometime in the period of 2017. About the certain date, you should stay tuned for a while to get the valid announcement from the company. The customers must also wait for a moment to know more the new range estimation of 2016 Tesla Model 3.

New 2016 Tesla Model 3 Gallery

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