New 2017 Honda S2000

Tuesday, February 17th 2015 | Honda

There will be the new roadster version which can be released in the future, 2017 Honda S2000 is the one new of the roadster versions. The company is going to change the car to come with the best aerodynamics in order to make many people queuing up to buy.

2017 Honda S2000
Honda S2000 Concept Design

The 2017 Honda S2000 comes with better aerodynamics as well as more muscle design outside the bodywork. For the future, the manufacturer will make the car similar with the baby 2016 Acura NSX as the roadster model. Same exterior design will be adopted to renew this new car. For the detailed materials, this car will have lots of aluminum and carbon fiber made of lightweight materials. Nevertheless, these materials are very rigid. But, 2017 S2000 is going to offer the high security and also the best performance. In other report, the manufacturer will also revamp the car to have the weight at least 2800 pounds. For the big possibility, the new features and fully materials will probably be offered to modify the 2017 Honda S2000.

Honda S2000 Performance

The new version of 2017 Honda S2000 will not be similar much than its predecessors. It means that the company will not make the car to be a typical gas burner. In the future time, a mid-engine configuration will be considered more to include in this version. As a result, this new car is going to be capable to have the best consumption of fuel economy. For the base version, 2017 Honda S2000 is going to incorporate the turbocharged engine 4-cylinder with two litre and also an electric motor. Therefore, this version will have a number of output at least 365 hp. The manufacturer will also transmit the 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox for giving the expected acceleration. It is not impossible that the manufacturer will offer the hybrid sports coupe for this new version in order to bring the better fuel usage in the following year.

2017 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

Reportedly, the company will release this version at the car market in the period of 2016. But no more information revealed about the official date of release. So, you are able to wait for a moment to see the final clarification about the certain release date. About the new range, at least $70,000 will be the latest estimation for 2017 Honda S2000.

2017 Honda S2000 Gallery

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