New 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015

Wednesday, March 4th 2015 | Mercedes-Benz

The next generation of 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 is going to be available in the next market as the new science fiction vehicle. The new futuristic technology will be featured to redesign this new version.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015
2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 New Modification

New 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 will appear with many changes. For the detailed refinements outside bodywork, this car will have redesigned LED lights to make the body looked aggressive. The body-shell of this car will be lighter around 40 % because the manufacturer will include several materials such as carbon-fiber plastic, aluminum and also high-strengh steels to renew its body structure. Besides that, a system of saloon-door-style will be available in this version. And 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 also comes with the length around 5 meters and width at least 2 meters. For its wheels, this car will come with 26 inches and also have long wheelbase. About the look inside a cabin, the manufacturer will rotate the mobile seats to renew the interior design. In the other hand, this design will be modified in order to make the passengers fell comfort when sitting inside a cabin. About the other features, there will be main features later which can be included to give a convenience in driving the 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 Performance

In the latest day, 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 is able to generate more than 134 hp. Why does it happen? Because the manufacturer is going to incorporate the plug-in hybrid drive of hydrogen-electric unit. The hydrogen cells, two electric motors and also lithium battery will be used as the complement of this unit. So, 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 will be capable to come better than before. As for the detailed engine specification, you are not able to know more the fully information of it. You can only expect that the company can release the complete information of engine system later.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 Release Date

The release date of this version is still kept a secret by the official company. So, many people cannot get more news about it, there is nothing to do for them but waiting for the official status of release date and price revealed by the company. About the price, you will see the valid price when the company has the final confirmation of 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 Gallery

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