New Opel Insignia 2016 Release Date and Price

Thursday, January 8th 2015 | Opel

Opel Insignia 2016 will be the new model which can come as the one of the best models. There will be several changes inside and outside the car which will make the car enthusiasts enjoy very much. Besides having the comfortable design, this car will also come with three engine options to complete the performance on the road. And this model will be seen around 2016.

2016 Opel Insignia Side View
New Changes Occurred In The Opel Insignia 2016

Opel Insignia 2016 will have several changes in the future time, the manufacturer will probably consider to bring the aerodynamic capabilities inspired from the concept design of Opel Monza. Then, the manufacturer will modify the exterior designs by including the latest back and front bumpers to make the car stylish. In other sides, the latest daylight LED lighting, broader wheel and also fresh grille will also be featured by the company. Inside the car, Opel Insignia 2016 will offer the elegant crafted design, the screen display with 8-inch followed by entertainment system, reversing camera, navigation system, seat material even other materials are the various features which will be included by the manufacturer inside a cabin. Speaking about the seat model, the manufacturer will use finer material to change the seat inside Opel Insignia 2016.

Some Engine Systems Revealed In Opel Insignia 2016

Speaking about the new performance in this car, Opel Insignia 2016 is going to offer three engine systems in the future. Where the first engine will be LPG engine followed with nuclear reactor, this engine will reach the output around 325 HP. Then, the turbo diesel engine 2.0 litre delivered around 140 HP will be the second engine. Besides that, this option will have limited fuel consumption. And the last engine, the manufacturer will offer the i-diesel engine which will pump up the output at least 81 KW. As a result, these engine systems will come with most advanced engine in the Opel Insignia 2016.

Opel Insignia 2016 Release Date and Price

There is precise information about the release date of this model here, the company has differentiated this car with others. So, this car is going to be ready to appear in the market maybe in the last of 2015. Or this car will be available in very early of 2016. Other than it, the company has been reported to give the higher price than before, it can be possible that the range around 60K Dollars will be the price tag of Opel Insignia 2016.

Opel Insignia 2016 Gallery

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