Opel Insignia 2015

Thursday, February 5th 2015 | Opel

The Opel Insignia 2015 will be the new vehicle for future car. This model will be available with modern design around the body.

New Opel Insignia 2015
Opel Insignia Design

The New Opel Insignia 2015 comes with three color variants consisted of Black, Red and White. The company has chosen the White for its main color. About the new design, this interior and exterior will come with modern appearance. For the appearance outside the body, there will be chromium and aluminum units to redesign the bodywork, and the alloy wheel with 18-inch will be used for its wheel base. In the front design, 2015 Insignia will have lower appearance than the rear bumper. Inside, this interior will included several appurtenances like climate control, MP3 Player, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD screen and also Wiper. At least seven people can be carried up inside Opel Insignia.

Opel Insignia Engine Variants

The new Opel Insignia 2015 will offer two optional engines for its performance, the first engine is the four-cylinder engine 2.0 litre produced around 217 hp @ 350 Nm of torque. This engine will be capable to sprint out 0-100 km/h in only 7.6 seconds, its top speed is 240 km/h. And for the second option, Opel Insignia 2015 will also use the twin turbo engine with 2.8 litre. In that result, this car will deliver more than 320 hp as well as 435 Nm of torque. And its speed output result, this car has 285 km/h (top speed) and producing from 0 up to 100 km/h within 6.3 seconds. Both engines will be mated with six-speed automatic transmission and AWD system.

Opel Insignia Competitors

The luxurious Opel Insignia 2015 will come as the new competitor for the models of Mazda 6 or also Toyota Camry. Besides that, this car will have the best seductive design than them.

Opel Insignia 2015 Release Date and Price

For the information of release date, not too long time for a lot of fans to see the first premiere of this production on marketplace even though the company did not reveal yet the official release date status. In other side, this car will be cheap when coming up in public. For the price tag, the company will estimate the car at least $24,000. As a result, the fans of Insignia especially urban city people will be happy hearing the price news of Opel Insignia 2015.

2015 Opel Insignia Gallery

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