Toyota Hiace 2015

Thursday, February 5th 2015 | Toyota

The new Toyota Hiace 2015 will be the second generation from the current version. The unique version of the car can be seen later because the company will make the design appear with square body.

New Toyota Hiace 2015
Toyota Hiace Changes

2015 Toyota Hiace can be seen sooner followed with three optional colors, they are Gray, White and Black. White will be offered as the main color for the first premiere of the new car at the market in the next days. In other changes, the official company will change the car to come with square shaped body. Besides that, this car will also be revamped to have three doors outside. In the front side of body, there will be first two doors, while the back side of the car will have the third door. And for the new appearance, 2015 Hiace will include the new LED headlamps and also redesigned bumper. In the following change, the alloy wheel with 18-inch will be offered for steel wheel bases. In the interior design, in the back appearance, this cabin will come with large cargo in order to load lots of things. In other side, this car will be modified to be available with two-seats model. So, it’s about 2 people can be contained in the New Toyota Hiace.

Toyota Hiace Specs

Toyota Hiace 2015 will be feasible having more than one engine. Speaking about the first option, this car will bring the engine 4-cylinder with three litre. As a result, this vehicle can reach more than 149 hp as also 241 pound-feet of torque. For the acceleration, this car will attain the speed 0-60 mph in just 14 seconds, while the car’s top speed will be 100 mph. For the fuel consumption result, this new car will produce 7.8 for highway and also 11.6 for city. In addition, the five-speed automatic gearbox will be mated in this new vehicle. And the second speculation, the 3.2 litre diesel engine with 167 hp will also be offered in Toyota Hiace 2015.

Toyota Hiace 2015 Release Date and Price

This new vehicle can be expected to appear at the market in November 2014. Or waiting for the final confirmation from the official company to get the valid information regarding the first premiere. So what about the cost tag? The price estimation will be available among $33,000, $40,000 and also $53,000 for Toyota Hiace 2015.

2015 Toyota Hiace Gallery

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